Print Release



Wedding Photography


This agreement is by and between Photographer, Stacy Roloff of Minnesota and Wisconsin, hereinafter referred to as Photographer, and (Bride & Groom names) _____________________________________________ , hereinafter referred as Client,   beginning  this date:  ____________________.


In consideration of the foregoing terms and conditions, the parties mutually agree as follows:


If obtaining images by Photographer, Client agrees that, he/she will not sell or sign away publication rights of any and all of the Photos without Photographers' prior written consent. Whether images are digital or print, Client also agrees to not alter, retouch, crop, or change any image taken by Photographer in any way without Photographers permission. Client agrees to either use the images as is, ask Photographer to change or alter it for Client, or just not use the image if he/she is not satisfied with it. Client will contact Photographer, Stacy Roloff, to express any desired changes to a photo and Photographer will do what they feel is necessary and correct.


Client authorizes Stacy Roloff to use the photos for purposes related to the promotion of her photography business , including, but not limited to, advertising, portfolios, composite cards, exhibitions, contests, and business and promotional websites, and other business related uses. 


Client hereby releases and agrees to hold harmless Photographer and those acting under her permission, from any liability by virtue of blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in the taking of the pictures, or in any processing tending toward the completion of the finished product, unless it can be clearly be shown that the foregoing was maliciously caused, and produced solely for the purpose of subjecting client to conspicuous ridicule, scandal, reproach, scorn, and indignity. 


Client hereby affirms that all poses, positions and situations enacted in the Photos covered in this release were entered into without force, coercion, or threat whatsoever, and were posed freely by Client with Clients full consent. Client further agrees to hold blameless and free of all accusation of such force or coercion Photographer, the legal representatives, assigns, and those acting under his/her permission.


Client  hereby affirms that his/her date of birth is ___________________________ and that the Client is fully able to contract in his/her own name and without breach of any prior contract, agreement or applicable law, including but not limited to prior agreements or contracts 



I, Stacy Roloff, grant unlimited printing rights to _________________ for photos taken on ________________. This release is fully transferable by the above named for printing only, and a copy of this document should be considered adequate proof of release by the printer. This release does not include rights of sale, nor is permission granted for contest entry without written permission from Stacy Roloff. Reproduction rights of described photography transferred only if signed addendum to this form has been provided by the above named customer. Copyright is retained by Stacy Roloff for the above described photos. NOTE TO PRINTER: If further information or a verbal confirmation is needed per your company policy, please do not hesitate to call the below number for Stacy Roloff. THANK YOU!


I have read the foregoing prior to its execution and am fully familiar with and agree to the contents thereof.